Türkan No/9 Mystique - 100mL


An inspiring mysterious fragrance feast.

The constantly reminding notes of No/9 MYSTIQUE will remind you how privileged you are. While this unique blend makes you even more mysterious in the eyes of everyone, the number of people who really want to get to know you will increase. Get ready to be the center of attention.

The more we try to explain No/9 MYSTIQUE, the more we get lost in it. But if we tried to describe it in one word, it would definitely be "inspiration". The mystery behind this inspiration is actually not far from us. The number 9, which has found a respectable place in all cultures starting from the mythology of this geography, is seen as the beginning of the whole literary creation process. All you have to do is smell it to understand that the 9 fairies of inspiration come to life again in a single bottle. 9 floors, 9 clouds, 9 moons, 9 knots, 9 knights, 9 worlds… It's almost as if our universe is convinced that 9 is the most appropriate number to achieve perfection. In this pursuit of perfection, we could not ignore the influence of number 9 and named one of our most assertive scents.

 The inspiring power of 9 is now in the TÜRKAN bottle.

We want our customers to know that they are buying from a responsible company that is actively working to deliver products with both integrity and respect for people, animals and the environment. After product use is completed, our bottles can be recycled.

Usage: Spray holding the bottle upright.
Warnings: For external use only. Keep away from children. Do not spray towards fire. It is not sprayed into the eyes, nose and mouth. Protect from heat and sunlight.
Made in TURKEY

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