With our curiosity and passion to the scent, we asked ourselves just one question; When does a perfume become unique, persuasive, unforgettable, and undefinable? We found the answer in our spirit: When the perfume touches the skin. At that time all the ingredients we add to our bottles will be dancing differently on different skins. Giving our skins whatever they match, deserve, look for and go give uniqueness to the rhythms when we walk the path of life... That’s why, Turkan exists.

We exist in order to turn a face into an unforgettable memory and a story. We exist in order to be in balance with human nature. Let our scent speak, narrate our story when our dreams, words, fingers, look in our eyes are not enough to tell. That’s why we exist...

We are here, because we believe that we choreographed fragrances that are in exquisite harmony with human nature. We are here to celebrate existence and leave memories with our unique scents to be remembered. We are here to tell the miraculous story of scents.

For turkan, there’s no gender of scents.

We believe that essences have no gender. They serve for creating the most beautiful scents. Every scent in every bottle is ready to touch the right skin. Whether a male or a female the right bottle will simply meet the right energy. Just pick up the Number that unites with your skin, personality and taste

For turkan, whatever comes from nature should return to nature .

When the nature gives us miracles of life, we should respect the nature and live in harmony with nature. That’s why Türkan was designed and produced with the consideration of natural cycle to minimize our carbon footprint. Our bottles and packaging materials can be recycled.
We want our customers to know that they are buying from a responsible company that is actively working to deliver products with both integrity and respect for people, animals and the environment.