Türkan No/3 Ambre - 100mL


Are you ready for a story that you'll never get bored of and a magical journey that will last a lifetime?

We all deeply feel the power, sanctity, and enchantment that the number three bestows upon our lives throughout history. Three is like an inviolable number etched into the innermost depths of our hearts. As we watch life dance in all its contradictions, there's always a mysterious third player among us. Nothing is purely black or white. There's always a third choice, a third perspective, a third thought, and a hidden third path; just like the beginning, middle, and end of a tale.

Türkan's new No/3 fragrance embraces you at the outset with the scents of fresh red fruits. Just like the first spark of love, the deep love and harmony between these scents draws you into a magical world from the first moment. Your first meeting with the protagonists of the story will be an unforgettable moment. And after you understand the story of the main characters, you start wandering among the branches of the tale. Each detail unfolds like individual leaves, and the alluring dance of leather, earthly vetiver, and patchouli begins. While wondering where this dance will lead, you find yourself drawn deeper... because now you will be burning with the desire to know how the story ends. That's exactly the case with No/3 AMBRE, carefully designed for those who perceive and are drawn to mysteries...

And finally, as you approach the peak and inevitable end of the tale, the curtain of mystery unveils. The protagonists of the conclusion emerge in the third layer of this captivating tale, coming to life in your mind, with the enchanting allure of amber and the irresistible charm of moss, as if they were real.

Türkan No/3 AMBRE is not just a fragrance, but also a source of inspiration and enchantment. This scent envelops you and draws you into another world. It's as if gravity disappears, and you find yourself in an atmosphere where your spirit soars. Other scents fade into the background as they envy its allure. It's like being in a celestial garden you never want to leave, continuing your life with the feeling of "I could stay here forever."

The enchanting power of 3 is now in the TÜRKAN bottle.

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Red fruits

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