Türkan is a Cologne du Parfumeur; a new generation cologne created by touch of Perfumers. Blending lasting perfume essences with cleansing features of a cologne, Türkan changes the way we wear fagrance. Türkan's unique form ula not only triggers our senses, awakens our emotions and allows us to express ourselves in abundance but also allows us to use and feel refreshed ofttimes throughout the day.


Inspired by love, art, and passion, Türkan offers her special touch to the world of fragrance. Türkan's scents reveal the profound wisdom, the alluring simplicity, and the irresistible passion within one’s soul. Our formula does more than harmonize essences; it captures and balances the very emotions that these essences encapsulate. Every fragrance within Turkan Collections has a name and a number inspired by Pythagoras. Because each bottle comes with a symphony of emotions that revive on one’s skin. The meaning of numbers, past and future, legend and story now come to life in Turkan’s fragrances. We are here to tell the miraculous story of scents.