You may forget a face, a name, a touch, a taste, a voice...

You may even forget a scent. It will erase in time, but you will never forget where the scent takes your mind to, what you felt like. Because scent is unique. It is unique like one’s fingerprint, signature, or retina...

One’s scent is one’s identity. It’s with the one wherever he/she/one goes to, free from the time and the seasons. Scent is one’s secret shadow, you cannot see it but feel it. When you enter a place, your scent goes first to let everyone know that you are here. After you leave a place, it keeps your memory alive there.

Scents have no shapes, but each one has its own story; Fruits, spices, grass, soil, deep blue sea, the house that one grew up in, an exotic flower, even the scent of your favorite food that you smell when you walk by... You get attracted to, you get eager to find the source. Your brain works fast, to name it, to find the origin, to smell it in a deeper breath and to discover. First layer of the scent is a familiar one that makes you feel safe and lures you in. The next layer takes your mind to a whole new place, you feel excited. As you are convinced there is no more, you smell another layer. There you remember the cafe by the ocean you visited four years ago. You see the image of the blue and white cafe even if you do not remember its name…

The scent turns into what you wear, what you see, even into the wind that blows to your face softly. Each layer reviving another memory, refreshing your mind, refreshing you…

One’s Scent is one of most precious and dear accessory. Though words such as spritzing or using are associated with fragrance, in many languages fragrance is said to be worn much like a piece of clothing or an accessory. Once a fragrance is worn, it wraps your body, enhances and mystifies it, an outmost contribution to how you present yourself to the world.

We at Turkan, believe our fragrances should be worn, much like your favorite jacket or a dress that perfectly fits you. We believe you can achieve a perfect fit of a fragrance and only then it can fully help define and express yourself. Turkan Fragrances is here to offer you that perfect fit you will look to wear every day, much like your favorite piece of your wardrobe you go back to. Turkan is created for those who wants more than just a great scent and it is our dream is to deliver that most precious piece of your wardrobe that can help express yourself and bring out the best in you.


We can describe taste of food or a view we see. How do we describe a scent? What words do we need to use? Are words enough to describe the emotions that we feel, the journey that our mind takes us to once we are subjected to that scent?

Can every scent have numerological meaning? The feeling that scent gives, the journey that scent takes to, reflecting all its essences, can a number reflect a scent? We believe it does.


According to Pythagoras; mathematics, in fact numbers determine our emotions, personalities, attitude, even our destiny. Every number in our life has a meaning, and methods to decode these meanings. For example, our birthdays and birth hours; are they random numbers? Or are they secret codes that keep the details about us, our destiny?

For Türkan, every number has its own energy and meaning as well as its own spiritual aura. Hence every scent in Türkan has a name, a number inspired by Pythagoras and a mystical story to describe its unique character, energy and journey it represents. Türkan’s unique formula is not only uniting essences in an aromatic harmony, but also keeping the emotions that essences represent in harmony. Each bottle of us comes with emotions that revive on one’s skin. The feeling that scent gives and the journey that scent takes you to is a unique experience for each person.