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Our Story



We can describe taste of food or a view we see. How do we describe a scent? What words do we need to use? Are words enough to describe the emotions that we feel, the journey that our mind takes us to?
Magical numbers of Pythagoras
According to Pythagoras; mathematics, numbers determine our emotions, personalities, attitude even our destiny. Every number in our life has a meaning, and methods to decode these meanings. For example, our birthdays and birth hours; are they random numbers? Are they secret codes that keep the details about us, our destiny?
Each bottle of Türkan an emotion, every emotion a number...
For Turkan, each bottle has its own energy, a spirit. Can every scent have numerological meaning? The feeling that scent gives, the journey that scent takes to, reflect the essences, can a number reflect a scent? We believe it does.

TURKAN’s formula is not only uniting essences in an aromatic harmony, also keeping the emotions that essences represent in harmony. Every scent in Turkan has a name and a number inspired by Pythagoras. Because each bottle of us comes with emotions
that revive on one’s skin.